Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love you Soooo Much Kaiya

Today is my daughter Kaiya’s 11th birthday. Here is the, “Soooo Much” home video clip of our “love you hand shake” and song chorus, with lyrics below. Last year Kaiya was in an accident with my uncle at our family farm house. She endured a skull fracture, broken foot, broken pelvis and LOTS of stitches, but recovered quickly and is as smart, funny, lovable and creative as ever. Times like these make you treasure every moment. I have blogged some of Kaiya’s art and letters, (if you are out of work like me her letter to God will make you cry). She even started her own web show with a friend and they make up the funniest character skits and parodies, (winkydotme). She and my son are pure love and joy! Being a single Mom is not always easy, but I have so much to be grateful for.

Soooo Much,
by Shawna Ray to Kaiya

You made me a picture and wrapped it in love
You hug me and squeeze my hand two times,
“Guess What?” “What?” “I love you” three squeezes back
“How much?” This much…Hold it, cherish
“I love you soooo much!” I love you soooo much!
I love you soooo much!