Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women Empowerment Movement - How could you turn away?

What did you do to my lady parts? 
You meshed me all up
Cut and paste on my body parts
There's no turning back
Doctors who are meant to serve
Not to hurt - haven't you heard?
We have been through hell and back
How could you get away with that?
Why would you turn away?

What did you do to my farmer's food?
You changed it all up
Modified the genetic code
Our bodies can't digest
Leaders who are meant to guide
Not to lie! Not to hide
Eating poison is suicide
How could you get away with that?
Why would you turn away?

So why are girls not allowed to learn?
How can you hold a modern slave?
When we work hard we should earn!
Equal opportunity!!!

If it wasn't for a woman - you would not be here today!
You do not control my body - every person has a say
We are standing and we're marching - equal work is equal pay
You can say it's all delusion while we've lived it every day
And we need a change
Yeah we need a change
We will make a change!

...How could you turn away?

Shawna Ray original from 12/25/15

I haven't been sharing on this blog lately. Mostly on Instagram @shawnashares. But I have been pregnant with so many song for too long. I have to share in whatever ways I can. Working full time to put my two kids through college after raising them on my own after their Dad left when they were ages 3 and 1 - I haven't had the time or means to release my music as I had hoped. But it's coming soon - in the form of a musical memoir that tells the stories of how each song helped me get through major life situations. This song talks about the vaginal mesh surgeries that put me through hell. Still waiting for reparations from Bard - the makers of the mesh they knew would be harmful and painful. I had to endure several surgeries and proceduces to remove the mesh and have healed over time, while still dealing with nerve damage in very sensitive areas. It's hard to talk about these matters, but much like the modification of our food and the inequality and brutality women face all over the world...I still can't understand how people can get away with such atrocities! We must use our voices to make a change. To stop the violence and negligence that greed and narcissistic power plays produce. I also want to share another song I posted the day of the Women's Marches in Washington and around the country...


She marched to the beat of alive - you could feel the rhythm
Looked people straight in the eye - she could see your soul
She sang to explain the pain and so releasing
She would not give up on try until succeed
She is rising from the ashes
She is loving unashamed
She is moving with love's army
Who will break walls peacefully
She is revival
This is revival

She is born with the power to grow a seed inside her
Holding life she can move the tides from day to day
She can feel what you feel - aware, a quiet knowing
Heart and mind, body aligned to pave the way

She is rising from the ashes
She is loving unashamed
She is moving with love's army
Who will break walls peacefully
She is revival
This is revival

We are soft and strong
We are wise and brave
One and one for all
We will break the chains
She is revival
This is revival
We are revival
He is revival
I see revival 

shawna ray, original song copyrights reserved. Blog post on Instagram that day...

I am marching in Spirit today, although I was not able to get off work or make the trip. I march for equality. I march for love. I march for peace. I march for sisterhood. I march to the beat of alive. 

For me - it is not about  fighting hate with hate and angry protest. I march peacefully, in support of an empowering movement in forward motion for equal rights and unity in love. As a single Mom with two kids - I have to be at home and at work. A survivor of abuse, I am an empowered  woman, daughter and sister in support of equal rights for all people - standing for women's lives and rights, black lives and rights, indigenous lives and rights, muslim lives and rights, lgbtq lives and rights, individuls who are disabled and marginalized, immigrant lives and rights, religious freedom, racial unity and love for all people and animals. 

This new administration has personally attacked and offended me and millions. This is a multifaceted movement in a multicultural world calling for change. 

I might not agree with all of the statements the women made on this day or what they stand for. But I stand for the rights of ALL women and am inspired to also share my story. I am empowered seeing this revival of women and quality men who support equality - rising up...I am with you today and every day. 

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