Thursday, April 30, 2015

NEW MUSIC in Process. Please celebrate my birthday with me...

Today is my birthday. Presently is the name of a new song I wrote on a milestone birthday, April 30th and the proposed name of a new collaborative EP - where I am asking you to celebrate with me by supporting new music. Through surveys on Indiegogo and Birthday Backer voting, whether you support with $1 or up to $10,000 - you become members of The Ray Team, as if you are the record label. So you get to help decide what songs end up on the EP, and what the cover looks like. There are corporate sponsorship opportunities at the highest levels and I would love to work with you if you are interested in those options. And in the end, the story will be ours to tell. You're not only the supporter - you're the co-creator.
Five years after my OPEN album was released, I have so many more songs I want to share while also seeking publishers for my book, “Destination is the Journey," a memoir that shares the stories behind these songs. Because of health issues and a major surgery in 2010 and again in 2013, I never got to tour with OPEN album, so that is the plan with this new venture, now that I am healthy and determined to turn my creative side into my career.


Other Ways You Can Help

For those of you who have already given so much and have a full plate of your own bills and goals, I totally understand if you are not able to give at all. Prayers and good vibes are free and also much appreciated. Also please share the links with your network or select contacts you feel might be interested in sponsoring. I have sponsored several projects, from $5 to $25 and friends and people I’ve ever met but believe in were able to publish books, make documentary films and record albums this way. So I am excited and getting over the uncomfortableness of asking for help.

Thank you, for everything. I truly appreciate your support, love and friendship. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Make Room

I'm sending love to the demons
I feel you coming for me
If in the blood there's forgiveness
It must be hell to relive

I'm setting you free
Setting you free
Letting it go in love
To make room for peace

I'm sending love to the haters
I feel you fighting with me
If I remind you of traitors
You think I'm the enemy

I'm setting you free
Setting you free
Letting it go in love
To make room for peace


I'm sending love to my young self
You cannot know until you know
All of the wounds brought you to now
It's in the learning you grow
And this might all seem cliche
Well this is a new day
I've learned to love the hard way
Best lessons come from mistakes

I'm setting you free
Setting you free
Letting it go in love
To make room 
So make room 
For peace 

It's all good,

Live, give, love, laugh and learn,

Shawna Ray, today...