Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dressed for Debate

Which picture is the original? And what colors do you see there? It varies - right? So the great dress debate is about lighting, filters and perception. It has also brought to light how narcissistic many become when trying to get others to change their mind or see things the way they do.

I have heard, "You're wrong, you're dumb, you're stupid and you're crazy." Upon first glance, I saw goldish taupe stripes of lace on a white or light blue fabric dress. Some of my friends swear it is blue and black...period. I asked them to clarify the color of blue they were seeing by having them point to something with the same color. It was usually a bright, sort of royal cobalt blue?

If I hold my phone back and squint, I can see how the dress can be seen as blue and black. Either way, I find an interesting lesson in it all. Narrowing our focus to only that which we see, is clearly what divides us. And just think of how much energy you have wasted in this silly debate. I obviously bought in as well. You can link here to see John Mayer posted a video on Instagram using a color finder that I enjoyed (FYI the black at the bottom of the circle is stationary - look at where the pointer is aimed). And here is a screenshot of an Instagram post that shows the dress in different lighting compared to the picture that sparked the debate.

So this selfie Sunday, I took this picture, inside, from my phone,  late last night. There is no natural sunlight, only one overhead light and a lower lamp. Each time I changed the lighting, it changed the color in the picture. And once I decided on a picture, I added different filters. 

It's all the same. No need to debate. Just accept and respect that others may see things differently than you do.

Oh and by the way...the 2nd pic down is the original (with a little touch up on my forehead to soften the wrinkles that appear when I make that face).